About Us

Our goal is providing customers quality made products at an affordable price to alleviate and prevent common foot problems. SoleAid™ insoles are designed using the average foot and shoe dimensions obtained through computer analysis of thousands of feet for support, alignment and fit.  SoleAid™ products are crafted using only the highest standard of materials.

Our lineup of insoles provide a variety of styles that vary according to shoe type and support needs. Each insole is constructed of mixed levels of shock absorbing, anti-fatigue cushioning to accommodate different environments and activities. Multiple sizes are readily available to fit both men and women. Improve the quality of your steps with our insoles. Explore our product offerings to find a SoleAid™ foot orthotic that works for you!

About MatPLUS Inc.

MatPLUS Inc. is the USA Manufacturer of SoleAid orthotics and insoles. Our goal is to provide premium quality ready-to-wear products at an affordable price. Our line of products started with diabetic insoles and has expanded into premium quality performance insoles. All of our products are made with top-of-the-line orthotic foam materials and designed to alleviate pain associated common foot problems. SoleAid insole products incorporate the average foot dimensions obtained through computer analysis of thousands of feet for a superior design that is comfortable to wear.

SoleAid Performance Footwear is great for correcting and aiding a variety of common foot problems and improving overall foot function. Podiatrists across North America have partnered with MatPLUS for over 20 years and recommend SoleAid because of the reliable construction and premium quality materials.

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