Heaven Step II™

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Overview: Heaven Step II™     

  • Supple vegan leather top cover increases comfort and softens of the foot with continued use
  • Cobra shell allows discreet arch support in dress or casual shoes
  • MP Blue cushioning provides targeted and controlled cushioning with a soft, supportive feel
  • Vegan suede base helps to hold insole in place in shoe
  • 3/4 length leaves extra room at the toes
  • Moveable from shoe to shoe
  • Stylish top material to better match with dress shoes

Perfect for dress shoes and any fashion footwear.

Specialized to Reduce:

  • Over Pronation 
  • Plantar Fasciitis
  • Arch pain, Heel pain, Back Pain
  • Sore / aching feet
  • Other common foot conditions


Foot support for daily life on your feet 

● A blister-free experience with reduced friction
● Protection from odor-causing bacteria
● Comfort and support you can feel


Common Conditions

Arch Pain
Experienced when arch-related bones, ligaments, and tendons are weakened or injured from overuse, excessive activity, or wear and tear.
Flat Feet/Fallen Arches
Postural deformity in which the arches of the foot collapse.
Foot rolls too far inward.
Heel Pain
Painful sensation either under the heel or just behind it.
Plantar Fasiitis
Pain appears in the heel and bottom of the foot.
Heel Spurs
Pain caused by bone abnormalety that derived from Achilles Tendonitis or Plantar Fasiitis.
Morton’s Neuroma
Nerve tissue thickening creates burning pain in the ball of the foot.
Painful inflammation in the ball of the foot.

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