SoleAid 2.0 Everyday Insole

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Product Description

SoleAid II Performance Insole

When you need reliable performance that can provide comfort and support for a daily life on your feet ⎯ SoleAid II  Performance Insoles are the perfect choice. Active feet experience foot fatigue, heel and arch pain, or stress on your ankles when not properly supported and cushioned. Slip into the SoleAid II and experience a better step. SoleAid insoles are built for support and comfort ideal for moderate, every-day use.

Best Fit

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Extreme Performance and foot support for active life on your feet

  • Balance and stability to reduce foot pain
  • Anti-friction moisture wicking top fabric provides extra comfort and a blister-free experience
  • Flex arch support for constant movement

Constructed of multiple layers to provide excellent support with maximum comfort. This orthotic insole is a flex arch support insole with heel cradle for increased support and stability. Neoprene paired with ETC fabric placed over a medium density closed cell EVA foam base layer. Ideal for relieving foot fatigue, heel and arch pain, or stress on ankles, knees, hips, or back. Available in multiple sizes for men and women.

  • Top: ETC Denim heat & friction reducing
  • Middle: Open cell Shock-absorbing foam
  • Middle: Medium-Flex polypropylene shell for balance and arch support
  • Bottom: Medium density, closed-cell EVA foam absorbs shock and adds comfort

Relieve Common Foot Problems

If you experience any of the issues below, SoleAid II insoles can help alleviate discomfort and improve the quality of your steps in as little as two weeks of consistent use.

  • Arch Pain ⎯ Experienced when arch-related bones, ligaments, and tendons are weakened or injured from overuse, excessive activity, or wear and tear.
  • Flat Feet/Fallen Arches ⎯ Postural deformity in which the arches of the foot collapse.
  • Pronation/Supination ⎯ Foot rolling inward or outward causing arch related issues.
  • Heel Pain ⎯ Painful sensation or inflammation either under the heel or just behind it.
  • Plantar Fasciitis ⎯ Plantar fascia inflammation and pain near the front of the heel and bottom center of the foot caused by strain and overuse.
  • Heel Spurs ⎯ Pain caused by bone abnormality resulting from Achilles Tendonitis or Plantar Fasciitis.
  • Morton's Neuroma ⎯ Nerve tissue thickening creates burning pain in the ball of the foot.
  • Metatarsalgia ⎯ Painful inflammation in the ball of the foot.



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    SoleAid II

    Posted by Tina Beverly on Nov 2nd 2021

    I like the inserts, but am really disappointed with the fact that I was charged 23 dollars for shipping and it took 11 days to get here. You would think that for that amount charged for shipping, it wouldn't have taken so long.

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    Total Satisfaction

    Posted by Brad Smith on Sep 9th 2020

    For myself, after crushing my foot in a ladder incident 8 years ago, I have continuously had aggravating pain after maybe a month at most with any shoe. Initially each time (new pair of shoes) things would be ok, but impressions left within the insoles soon after would create pains throughout my foot, typically leading to a new pair of shoes, every couple months. About 6 months ago, i was introduced to SoleAid II and very skeptical of course. It was not the first time an attempt was made to relieve the pain, except this time, i was truely amazed. Initially i could feel a relief and after a couple days, the cramped foot feeling and hardness of my foot started to disappear, which has not happened since the surgery and reconstruction of my foot. This has been the first time in 8 years that i have had the same pair of shoes for longer than a month, 2 at most. I generally wouold by replacement insoles for my shoes but they typically would only last a month at most. These have now lasted 6 months to the day, have recently bought another couple pair, even though they are easily exchangeable in my other shoes, but one pair for my wife who has recently been dealing with leg pains and foot pains as well. It has only been about 4 days for her now, but she was only able to wear a pair of shoes at most for a couple days before she would get uncomfortable feelings through her legs and feet, which have now disappeared. Truly an amazing aid (no pun intended :) that works, So happy this was shared with us, and so happy to share with others we know who have been dealing with the same issues we have been that we deal with no more.....